More than a Brand: a Story of Commitments

L'OCCITANE was born in 1976, when its founder, Olivier Baussan, began distilling essential oils and selling them in his much-loved land of Provence. Built on strong principles and true stories, the brand has grown (a lot!), but its philosophy has always remained the same. Nature matters. People matter. And that's why L'OCCITANE has 6 clear commitments, focused on protecting our precious planet and treating people with respect.

Respecting Biodiversity

A Story Of Generosity


Supporting Producers

A Story Of Fairness


Reducing Waste

A Story Of Respect For The Planet


Empowering Women

A Story Of Emancipation


Caring for Sight

A story of Vision


Celebrating Craftsmanship

A Story of Talent

How do we source our ingredients?