L'OCCITANE Plastic Odyssey Ocean Cleaning Expedition

We invite you to get acquainted with our unique expedition "Plastic Odyssey", during which we will turn all plastic waste collected in the oceans into new resources. The Plastic Odyssey has traveled for three years, during which it will sail more than 40,000 nautical miles. The ship will collect plastic waste from the oceans, sort it on site and recycle it immediately. This ship will even use non-recyclable plastic, which will be converted into ship fuel. While sailing, the team will stop at as many as 33 different shores, where they will explain the importance of recycling to residents.
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Since the founding of L’OCCITANE, we have strived to be more than just a store. We also had a vision to make the world we live in more beautiful, humane and responsible. So far, we have tried to achieve this through our products, showrooms, suppliers of responsible components and employees. Our commitment: to respect biodiversity, to support producers and women, to reduce waste, to love this new adventure - the Plastic Odyssey Ocean Cleaning Expedition.


L'OCCITANE wants to play a full part in the fight against plastic waste, so we support this first ship expedition around the world, which will focus on reducing pollution in our oceans and beaches. From 1 kg of plastic we can produce up to 1L of fuel 19 tons of plastic go into the ocean every minute. 0.01% of plastic waste floats and can be collected. 61% of the plastic waste found on beaches around the world is disposable, so we emphasize the recycling of L'OCCITANE packaging and organic packaging products.


"Our planet is facing an environmental crisis, so companies not only need to reduce their impact on the planet, they are also committed to finding concrete solutions that contribute to a more sustainable environment. That is why we support this project to turn plastic waste into resources. We are proud that we had the honor of being a key partner in the Plastic Odissey expedition and part of this noble project and adventure. " -Adrien GEIGER, Brand Director, L’Occitane en Provence