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and have a firmer, refined figure using natural ingredients ? Almonds have firming and refining properties. These Provençal fruits are not only delicious and excellent at nourishing the skin, they also contain firming and refining active ingredients. L’OCCITANE has filed two important patents for almond proteins and almond and rose buds.

The Top 5 Rules to achieve a firm and refined figure

Firm and refined - Almond ingredient - l'Occitane

1. Massage your body: focus on your tummy, bottom and thighs. Always combine your firming product with good massage techniques. 
2. Use a body scrub to eliminate dead cells and impurities.
3. Eat fat-burning ingredients: courgette, apple, lemon, green tea, pepper, pineapple, broccoli, etc.
4. Use a refining gel to diminish the appearance of cellulite. 
5. Use a smoothing, light-textured cream to have smoother skin and lighter-feeling legs.

Discover these easy steps to reduce the appearance of cellulite

Wake up & Nourish - Almond milk concentrate - l'Occitane


Wake up your body with the Almond Shower Scrub: gently massage your body while you shower. The crushed almond shells will remove any impurities and dead cells. Your skin will feel soft and smooth, and be ready to absorb all the benefits of your firming and refining products. 

 Wash up with Almond Shower Oil as you would with your usual shower gel or soap. When in contact with water, this deliciously appealing oil turns into a dreamy milk texture. Just rinse with water for soft and supple skin that isn’t left with a greasy touch.


Give your moisturising routine a boost with a delicate, yet effective body oil. A quality body oil helps transform the way your skin looks and feels.

Need a reason to try out our Almond Supple Skin body oil? Well, we can offer more than just one.

  • Fast-absorbing and light, yet wildly luxurious to the touch

  • Helps to leave skin feeling supple, hydrated and comfortable

  • Gives skin a radiant and beautiful glow with a satiny-smooth finish

  • Is deliciously scented with almonds

  • Enables a pleasant massage experience

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For some, a body oil may be enough to meet hydration needs – but others may need a proper moisturiser to enjoy soft and comfortable skin. Wrap up an intensive body care ritual with a cream or a lotion, depending on your skin’s needs and your own preferences!

  • cream, like Almond Milk Concentrate, is ideal for normal to dry skin types that seek nourished and softened skin. Enriched with powerful almond extracts, this cream melts into the skin to help the skin look firmer and smother while bringing 48 hours of hydration.

  • lotion, like Almond Milk Veil, is great for normal skin types that are looking for hydration from lighter textures. The Milk Veil is fast absorbing, to quickly help skin feel soft and moisturised. Micro-pearls leave a luminous glow, perfect for summer dresses.

  • balm, like Almond Delightful Body Balm, is perfect for normal to dry skin types that want an intensely moisturising and softening beauty product. Its rich and melting texture leaves behind an ultra-soft finish and is perfect for regular pampering routines.