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Thanks to serum outstanding properties it has become one of my evening beauty routine.

I was surprised that after the first use I noticed improvements in my face skin - it became softer and smoother.
Using it for a longer time I have noticed that my skin has not only become softer and smoother, but also looks healthier and more radiant. The product has revived my sun-tired skin and looks even better than ever!
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Beautiful package, very easy to use with a dispenser. Texture is lightly airy, absorbs quickly into the skin.

After the first use, I noticed that the skin looks fuller and elastic. The botox effect I was seeing on my skin all 10 challenge days. In the morning, the skin was smoother and shiny. The skin tone is smoother. The only drawback was the intensive aroma, but it quickly disappeared.
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I have try lot of face care products, but night Reset serum from LOccitane are awesome! I see that my skin are better, serum texture is light and the price is very affordable.

After 2 week I can tell that product are working. Skin is more softer, skin tone are brighter. All can see changes in my face. As I saw the skin changes - it looks more beautyful- now I can leave the house without makeup, what I previous cant do.
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I really liked this serum and it is the top product in my face care routine, which includes LOccitane Precious collection - Precious Cleansing Foam and Precious Face Cream.

After five days I noticed that the skin has become much smoother, so gentle and radiant, even the small wrinkles are already completely invisible! After 10 days I have see the botox effect.
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Was try this product for 10 days, but from first day I saw that my face skin are softer and smooth.

Reset serum got pleasant texture, it easy and fast absorbs in to my skin. After 10 days I can say that this product will be a part of my face care routine, because I feel that my skin is more healthy, moisturized and relaxed.
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Three active ingredients, two textures for turning the clock back on skin damage. The new Immortelle  Reset is applied before you sleep, with more than 3000 golden bubbles working for you overnight to reveal renewed skin in the morning.
Learn more about how your skin recovers at night:

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With its immediate smoothing action, Acmella Oleacera extract has a botox-like effect! It helps reduce facial wrinkles caused by stress or fatigue.


Marjoram extract reawakens skin's genetic mechanisms, triggering skin recovery at night.


Immortelle essential oil is known for its anti-aging power. It acts as a natural antioxidant and helps your skin to look firmer and younger.