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Beauty blogger tests new Reset serum

Discover Latvian beauty influencers feedback about our new Reset night serum.

9 /10 (167)

€ 55,00

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Kristīne Virsnīte reccomends

Probably the best product that I have ever use. Results I saw from the first time- skin is fresh & glowing. Its no wonder that this serum is a bestseller. 

Folow Kristine
9 /10 (167)

€ 55,00

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Laura Valuta recomends

This scrub are with small exfoliating pieces that are enoght to feel them, but not making discomfort. 
Skin is clean from dead cells, it improves blood circulation and moisturizing products are absorbing much better. I use this with Almond body oil, because they together give a smooth, firm and delicate skin.

Folow Laura

Kristine Virsnite reccomends

This cream are always with me - when Im traveling or winter time in Riga. I cant imagine my day without this cream. My skin are protected, nourished and I really like its light texture and aroma.

Folow Kristine
9 /10 (1224)

€ 22,00

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Madara Lieciniece recomends:

This is face cream with I start my face care rutine. It moisture my skin very good and also working good with my oily skin. After using this cream my skin are soft, fresh and moisurized all day long. And it have divine scent.

Folow Madara
9 /10 (170)

€ 39,00

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Marta Grigale recomends

L'Occitane products are always enjoyable. But one of my favorite products are from Aqua Reotier collection- Face cream and Essence. They perfectly moisturize skin and I like it soo much!


Folow Marta
9 /10 (56)

€ 28,00

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Diāna Kubasova recomends:

I totally addicted from this product! I can not imagine a Sunday evening without a relaxing bath with lavender bath foam in candlelight. I am pleased about the natural ingredients of this product, because before I could not find a sufficiently high quality natural bath foam without chemical flavors and additives.

Folow Diāna
9 /10 (208)

€ 25,00

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Rita recomends:

One of my favorite product. I use it almost every day, because it have very light and pleasant texture. It perfectly works together with other products that I use after BB cream.

Folow Rita


Almond collection are one of my favorite collection. I love products texture, aroma and moisturizing effect. I use almost all collection products- shower oil, scrub, hand cream and body oil for almost 2 years and Im in love.

Folow Jekaterinai

Santa Kudreņicka recomends

Im exited how this product nourish and caring about my skin. It quickly absorbs, its not sticky. After using it I love the bitter nutt flavor. Im using this product when I want to improve my well-being.

Folow Santa
9 /10 (165)

€ 45,00

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Jana Bajela recomends

A wonderful product that takes care of the beauty of my skin. After using shower oil I dont need any body creams, because it perfectly moisturize my skin. It luxury flavor soothes after active training or working day.

Folow Jana
9 /10 (757)

€ 18,50

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