Almond Shower Oil travel size

Cleanses soflty and helps to hydrate and nourrish the skin all-day-long. With almond oil

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Almond Shower Oil travel size


"You won’t forget the first time you use our famous Almond Shower Oil! When the almond oil comes in contact with water it instantly blooms into a thick, luxurious foam that leaves a satin-soft sheen all over your body.
Our award-winning Almond Shower Oil is an ideal alternative to typical shower gels, and is kind to even the most delicate skin.

So fill your bathroom with the heady, sumptous scent of Provence. "


Apply on damp skin. Lather and rinse. Additional advice: Apply the oil in the shower as a shaving base, to help the razor glide easily over legs, underarms, and other sensitive areas.


 "Between February and March every year, the fields of Provence are filled with pink and white almond blossom. Well-known for its moisturising and softening properties, almond oil is perfect to pamper your body. Our Almond Collection, which offers a range of body moisturisers, skin firming treatments and indulgent shower and bath products, is made to guide you through those blossom-filled fields. " Almond Bath & Shower                     Almond Body Care                     Almond Hand & Foot  Almond Nourishing & Firming          Almond Shaping & Toning         Almond Anti-Ageing Almond


Sweet almond oil - Nourishes and softens (rich in omega-6 and in unsaturated fatty acids)
Grape seed oil - Rich in vitamin E and in essential fatty acids, nourishes
Sunflower oil - Nourishes, regenerates